HIV Tests Could Soon Be Common for Most Adults

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Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians will likely face an AIDS test in the not too distant future.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants all people between the ages of thirteen and sixty five tested for HIV infection.

While there is some vocal opposition, one Lexington doctor is crusading for the adoption of the CDC plan.

UK infectious diseases specialist Richard Greenberg says the CDC plan will reduce the spread of the virus that causes AIDS. Greenberg contends mass screening will save health care dollars through early detection.

The new rapid HIV test will be as routine as having a cholesterol and diabetes exam. The HIV screening involves a toothbrush-like device, placed and held between the gum and cheek for twenty seconds. The results are available the same day.

One major doctors group, the American Academy of Family Physicians, questions the need for mass screening.

The tests would be given only after a patient consents and there would still be privacy concerning the results.