Baby Murder Trial Underway

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Witnesses take the stand in the trial of a couple, accused in connection with the death of a baby.

Prosecutors say Roy Rankin murdered and abuse Cecilia Alvarado back in 2005.

Autopsy results point to blunt force trauma as the cause of the death, but prosecutors say the couple abused the baby for weeks causing many broken bones before her death.

Alvarado was the daughter of Samantha Monahan.

Monahan is also charged with child abuse in the case.

Monahan has said her then-two-year-old son was responsible for the baby's death.

That's a story backed up by the boyfriend and last person held responsible for caring for Alvarado, Roy Rankin.

He says he was watching the child while Monahan was at work. Rankin went to get something for dinner, and when he came to check on the baby he says he noticed the brother kneeling on the child. When Rankin picked the baby up, he says her head slumped back.

Their trial is expected to last two weeks.

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