Buying Green: Great For The Earth, Tough On The Budget

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80% of consumers admit buying green is something they favor. But, less than 15 % actually follow through. The reason: green products often cost more than their traditionally made counterparts.

Marketing expert John Borg says consumers are not only concerned about pricing, but also, deceptive marketing. He says some companies "green wash", that is, make claims of being green when they are not.

Borg says, "There are dubious claims. You want to look for certifications, know where it comes from and know what kinds of materials".

But, the good news for would be green shoppers is more consumer friendly products are becoming available. Borg says prices will continue to drop as the supply increases.

That news is encouraging for shoppers like Susan Parness. Parness says she spend most of her "green" money on fruits and vegetables. But, as more items fit her budget she'll consider buying them.

That's music to the ears of green product manufacturers. As they continue to make products good for the environment, and hopefully, good for the family budget as well.

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