Fallen Officers Remembered

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Families were given a chance to honor their loved ones, killed in the line of duty. 28 names were added Monday to the Law Enforcement Memorial.

The sounds of the bagpipes kicked off the ceremony honoring Kentucky's fallen officers. One by one, those who died in the line of duty were honored.

Barbara Ferguson's husband, Constable Hamilton Ferguson, died 25 years ago when he was struck by a car after arresting a drunk driver. However, his death still remains fresh in her mind, and she says the dedication is just what she needed.

Among the 28 officers honored, two of them died just last year. Constable Joe Howard of Harlan County suffered a heart attack shortly after arresting a suspect.

Bell County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Pursifull died with his K9 partner when his car was struck by a fleeing suspects.

This year's additions will bring the total to 435 names to the memorial.

The names added Monday were those killed in the line of duty between 1862 to 2008. Some names weren't put on until recently because they were not added to the national memorial yet, which is a criteria for having the name placed on Kentucky's Law Enforcement Memorial.

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