Police Search For Missing Knox Man Beneath Creek

He hasn't been seen in almost a year. Now, police are searching in a new location for the remains of a missing Knox County man.

Authorities have already charged two people in Jeremy Johnson's disappearance. They're confident he was killed. They just need to find his body.

On Tuesday, they searched in the Woodbine community, near highway six and 459.

A backhoe was brought into to dig through through mud and muck because police say they have information that a body could be beneath a creek.

The creek sits behind Daniel Grubb's trailer. Grubb and Bobby Walters were arrested because police say they did something with Jeremy Johnson's body.

Police also brought in Walters, the other suspect arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence, to assist them in their search. Walters has reportedly been cooperating with police in their investigation.

The creek had to be re-channeled and the backhoe dug in areas police believe the body could be. It’s a process that began Monday night and lasted through Tuesday.

“Well it's hard work. Nobody likes to do it, but I just like to see the family be able to get closure. They have been through a lot,” said Knox County Sheriff John Pickard.

Johnson has not been seen since June 10th of last year. He was last seen at a Corbin bar where police last week said in a preliminary hearing that witnesses had heard Grubb and Johnson fighting.

Police also spoke of evidence they have of Grubb and Walters allegedly burying the body.

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