Rain To Help Crews, Fighting Forest Fires

Crews worked hard on Tuesday in eastern Kentucky to contain a fire that's consumed more than 900 acres.

Forestry officials say the fire broke out late Sunday night in the Lotts Creek area of Perry County.

Forestry rangers say at one point, nearly 70 homes were in danger.

"The fire departments in our area have been working tirelessly in helping us to protect around the homes," said Morgan Combs, a U.S. Forestry Ranger.

"You worry about your home. This will get down on top of us in no time, and with those big trees and stuff, it'll fall on your house," said Dennis Ray, who lives in the area where the fire broke out.

Crews say they should have that fire contained by the end of the day on Tuesday and rain showers forecasted for the area should help.

Meanwhile, there's word that a fire burning in the Red River Gorge is now 75% contained. That fire caused forestry officials to shut down some trails earlier in the week.

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