Father Charged With DUI While Outrunning Deputies

A father is in jail, accused of driving drunk and crashing into a deputy sheriff's cruiser in Garrard County.

Investigators say the man's three children were in the car with him, along for the wild ride.

David Wright is charged with a DUI aggravator, meaning he faces stiffer penalties including a mandatory jail sentence if convicted. Police say he didn't just put himself in danger but the lives of 3 children that were with him.

In court records, police say 36-year-old Wright told them he drank before getting behind the wheel early Wednesday morning. The 3 children, ages 6 to 8 were the truck with him, as police say he drove drunk on High Bridge Road.

But when a deputy spotted Wright and tried to stop him about 2:30 a.m., police say Wright took off and side-swiped the deputies' cruiser.

Once he was finally pulled over, police say they found the children not wearing seat belts. Police say Wright was extremely intoxicated.

Wright is now charged with DUI aggravator, fleeing and evading police, and 3 counts of wanton endangerment.

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