Woman Escapes From Alleged Kidnapping

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A woman escaped with her life Wednesday morning after she says a man tried to kidnap her.

Lexington Police responded to the scene just before 2:00 a.m. to Long Leaf Place, off of Pasadena Drive in Lexington.

The woman says a strange man she didn't know approached her and asked for directions to The Saddle Ridge bar. The victim says she didn't know and tried to leave.

When the woman turned around to go inside, police say the man grabbed her and forced her into his trunk.

Neighbors say they could hear the struggle from inside one of the condos.

Jessica Simpson says, "She was screaming bloody murder."

Simpson says it was something she couldn't ignore and went to check on the woman.

That's when she learned the only way the woman was able to get away was by keeping the trunk from closing with her arm.

The victim told Simpson the man repeatedly slammed the trunk on her arm, but because of the struggle he gave up.

The trunk didn't close all the way allowing her to escape and call police.

Police were later able to locate the described vehicle close to the scene on Clays Mill Road at Mitchell Avenue.

That's where 23-year-old Jonathan Coleman was arrested. He is being charged with kidnapping.

The woman's arm was injured, and she was treated on scene. She is believed to have used her arm to stop the trunk from closing all the way, which helped her escape.

Her boyfriend tells 27 NEWSFIRST she was in there to see him. He says he received strange text messages with random digits punched in before she was able to get inside.

Coleman will be in court on May 7th in the meantime he's being held on a $25,000 bond.

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