Obama Marks 100th Day in Office

WASHINGTON (AP) - It's been a busy first 100 days for President
Barack Obama. He's been tackling a steep recession, health care and
global warming and trying to revamp America's image around the
The president is marking the day by flying to St. Louis to
answer questions at a town meeting. And he's holding a prime-time
news conference tonight back in Washington. It's the third of his
An AP-GfK poll gives the president a public approval rating of
64 percent. The poll also suggests that for the first time in
years, more Americans think the nation's headed in the "right
direction" than in the wrong one. This, despite a deepening
recession that's thrown millions out of work.
But Republicans are giving Obama a poor grade. They complain
that he hasn't kept his promise of bipartisanship -- that they've
been rebuffed in their efforts to offer solutions to the nation's

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