Eyeglass Thieves Wanted

Police hope surveillance pictures help catch three thieves with some expensive taste in eye wear.

Lexington police say the group has hit three different optical centers: The South Hill Eye Center located at 535 South Upper Street, the Richardson Vision Center located at 1757 Alexandria Drive, and the Eye Care Center located at 114 East Reynolds Road.

Kristin Carey, an employee at The South Hill Eye Center, says one of the women distracted her, while the other took Prada and Ann Klein glasses off the shelf. Police say the thieves used the same tactic during each of the robberies.

Police say because the glasses are so pricey, these are considered to be felony thefts.

If you recognize the suspects, please contact the Commercial Burglary Section of Lexington Police at (859)258-3700 or Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859)253-2020.

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