Crazed Mob Overruns UK Library

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Students packed the W.T. Young Library on Wednesday night, but most of them were not studying.

It's dead week, otherwise known as the week before finals, and hundreds of UK students decided to let off a little steam by filling the library and chanting, dancing, and body surfing.

Broadcast major, Courtney Francisco, a UK junior, captured the scene on video from a balcony.

She says this was an underground movement organized on the social site Facebook.

She says UK Police had students leave in an orderly fashion.

UK students are not the first to take part in such an activity. It's actually called a "flash mob". It's where a group of people plan (usually via the internet) to meet in a specific location, take part in any random activity (dancing, singing, pillow fighting), and then disperse quickly after the activity is complete.

There's actually a website where "flashmobs" are planned worldwide.

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