Teens Rushed To Hospital After Large Street Brawl; Fighting Started Over A TV Set

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Four teenagers are in the hospital after a huge fight in the street.
Baseball bats, knives, trash cans and even cars were used as weapons.

The fight was over by the time police arrived on the scene, but the aftermath of the violence was still evident. Teenagers were hauled off to the hospital after being stabbed, beaten, and even hit by cars.

27 NEWSFIRST interviewed a witness to the fighting.
In the middle of our interview with Tammy Hanley, police escorted her to the back of a cruiser. Then eventually arrested her and charged her with assault.

Hanely says her daughter broke up with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend would not return her television set. So, they came over to get it. That's when a fight broke out.

Police say some of the people hurt during the fight took off from the scene. They want to talk to them, and plan on making more arrests.

So far, two adults were arrested. Both are charged with assault.