First Ky. Swine Flu Victim Confirmed

Swine Flu

Governor's Press Conference on Swine Flu

It has hit Kentucky. The state now has its first confirmed case of swine flu.

It is reportedly a woman from the Bowling Green area, who had reportedly been in Cancun, Mexico earlier this month.

She's in the hospital in Lagrange, Georgia, where she got sick while visiting this weekend.

Health officials in the Bowling Green area are now contacting people who know the woman, making sure no one else shows signs of the sickness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this is Kentucky's first case. Health officials hope it is our only case.

A newspaper in Georgia is reporting the Kentucky woman is in intensive care at a hospital there.

We're told she was only in Kentucky for a short time after returning from Cancun, before traveling to Georgia.

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