Woman Doused With Gas, Set On Fire

A burned home, a dead body and a woman with serious burns. Police in Leslie County had a lot on their hands.

Those disturbing discoveries came Thursday morning at a home in the Saylor community.

It happened at the home of Melvin Helton. He says his friend, Trish Brock, was helping his clean the house for a family dinner when her ex-boyfriend showed up.

Helton says Robert Egan had two gallons of gas and a pistol. Helton says Egan doused he and Brock with gasoline.

Helton says he ran out of the house and hid and when he came back, his house was on fire.

Police say it appears Egan lit Brock on fire after dousing her with the gasoline. She had to be airlifted to a Tennessee hospital.

Fire crews found Egan's body inside the home when they arrived to put out the flames. Police say there was a gun near his body, but it isn't yet clear if he died from a gunshot wound or from the fire.

Police haven't commented on a motive, but relatives of those involved say Egan was upset with Brock because of a recent breakup.

There's no word on her condition.

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