Police: Kids Found In Filthy Living Conditions

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Police say they made a disgusting discovery at a Danville home, a family living among filth.

Danville Police were called to the home on Allene Drive to assist the Kentucky Department of Social Services.

Once there, police say they found two children, ages 10 and 12, living among animal feces, urine and piles of trash and clothing.

Friday, the Code Enforcement Officer, Tom Broach, described what he saw in the home.

"The porch was completely blocked, the stove looked like it hasn't been cleaned, in the kitchen cabinet there is a toothbrush, toothpaste and dead roaches and insects, you can't sit down anywhere, I found a syringe on the floor," Broach said describing the photos he took.

Police arrested the children's mother, 31-year-old Tracy Roberts, and her fiance, 49-year-old William Vaught. They're charged with wanton endangerment.

"Most of the officers advised me it was the worst scene they had ever gone to," said Chief Jay Newell with the Danville Police Department.

"There was trash, debris, and animal droppings on the floor," says Tom Broach.

Tracy Roberts' father, Bobby Goins, says she intended to clean up the mess and he planned to help, but they hadn't gotten around to it.

"She asked me to come over and get the stuff off the front porch of the house and it seems like every time I was going to do it something came up and I had to do something so that was my fault there," says Bobby Goins.

Goins says now that the house is condemned he hopes the city will let him to step in to help clean it up.

"Try to get it back to living condition," says Goins.

We're told there are plans to remove the trailer from the Imperial Mobile Home Park, but the family says they are against this.

Tracy Roberts kids are now living with her parents. Roberts and Vaught are behind bars at the Boyle County Detention Center.

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