House Fire Leaves Lexington Family Homeless

A family is homeless after fire rips through their house near downtown Lexington. It happened at 734 Bellaire Avenue just after eleven Monday morning.

The tenant, Tracy Asburry, believes her four year old daughter started the fire. Asburry says her daughter was playing with barbie dolls and somehow put the doll in a gas heater in the room.

Asburry says that set the bed on fire.

Asburry says she knew something was wrong when she heard her daughter, Hannah, scream for help.

"I was on the couch and she called mom," she said, "I went in and opened the door and saw the flames all around my baby."

Asburry says she grabbed the baby off the bed and realized the fire was already intense.

"When we were in the bathroom the flames were already everywhere. When I saw the flames I just ran outside," she said.

Asburry ran to her neighbor's house for help.

Firefighters say the mother's guess about how the fire began is probably accurate and if that is indeed how the fire started.

Both Tracy and Hannah are fine, but a little shook up. Tracy says she has five other children and has no idea what to do next.

There is significant smoke, fire and water damage throughout the entire house.