Kentucky Lawmaker Hopes to Stop Domestic Partner Benefits at UK

They vowed to overturn any decision to give benefits to domestic partners at UK and now one Lexington lawmaker is doing just that.
Tuesday, Representative Stan Lee filed legislation to prohibit any state funded colleges or universities from providing benefits to unmarried couples who live together.
Late last week, the University senate voted to support giving benefits to faculty and staff who may live with their significant other, but who may not be married.
Now, Lee says that is against everything the citizens of Kentucky believe in and he wants a law to prohibit it.
"I love UK, it breaks my heart for it to be used like this. It's a political agenda, citizens think it's wrong," Lee said.
Lee cites the decision by the commonwealth in 2004 to keep marriage between a man and a woman.
James Younce, a UK employee, disagrees with Lee. "Giving them healthcare doesn't represent marital status, not legalizing same sex marriage," Younce said. Younce also says it could help UK retain its employees.
UK still hasn't determined who they'll offer benefits to -- or if they'll offer them at all. UK President Dr. Lee Todd says they're looking at offering the benefits to stay competitive with other schools that do offer the benefits. However, he says he doesn't know if the change will include benefits for same-sex couples.
The University of Louisville became the first school in Kentucky to make benefits available to domestic partners -- including same-sex couples.