Danville Student Suspended for Hit List Targeting Other Students

A Boyle County High School student was suspended after school officials say he made a hit list targeting other students.

The alleged list was discovered at Danville High School. School leaders say they were tipped off by classmates who overheard the freshman boy talking about his hit list.

One parent who's son was threatened is speaking out saying it could have been worse. Like many at Danville High School, Chris Harlan believes this incident was a close call.

The threats against students sent school leaders and police officers into action. They removed the student from class and contacted parents of children who's name was on the alleged list. Harlan was among the ones who got a call.

Harlan's parent said, "him and another one of his friends was on the top of the list. Their names were highlighted. That's what my son told me."

Police say an actual list was never found, they say the student threw it away before school officials became aware of it.

Police say they heard that bullying had played a part in the list, and that the student had been picked on.

As part of the investigation, the student will have to undergo a mental evaluation. He hasn't been back to school since the list was discovered.