Dog Mauls Four In Montgomery County Home

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A vicious dog attack leaves four people recovering in Montgomery County.

It happened in Jeffersonville early Sunday morning at a home on Park Avenue.

That's where a pit bull attacked a woman without being provoked, according to one family member.

Others inside the home tried to get the dog off the woman but then it turned on them.

Two of the people injured in the attack will need to undergo surgery.

Police shot the dog twice, killing it.

Derrick Benton, 25, suffered the most serious injuries.

A family member tells 27 NEWSFIRST the dog attacked Derrick's face and wouldn't let go. He was first rushed to St. Joe's Hospital in Mt. Sterling before being airlifted to U.K.

His mother, Carloetta Benton, 43, was also taken to St. Joseph Hospital before being transferred to U.K. by ambulance. She suffered serious injuries to her hand, losing part of one of her thumbs.

Another woman, Dina Murphy, 18, who the dog attacked first, may have a broken arm.

Craig Benton, 20, also in the home, suffered just minor injuries and was admitted and released from a local hospital.

Craig Benton says it's unknown why the pit bull lashed out, he claims they did nothing to provoke the dog and that they had never had a problem with it before Sunday.

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