Savvy Shopping Saves on Car Repairs

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Carlos Saenz travels to visit clients in his 1998 Toyota Avalon. He says the car is in great shape, despite the more than 300,000 miles he's logged on the roads. Saenz keeps his car running and his budget intact by getting his car serviced at his local technical college. Students learn by working on cars like Saenz's Avalon.

Technical colleges can offer big savings by charging customers for parts only. The labor is free. New spark plugs could cost up to $400 at a dealer. At a technical college, new spark plugs might cost $50. But, when considering the technical college route, be prepared for a wait. Often, students take longer on repairs and there might be a backlog. As a result, a two hour job could take months.

Saenz says he's spent $4000 on repairs over the past seven years. He saved more than $6000 by going the technical college route. He says he's sticking with his cost effective way to keep his car on the road to smart savings.

Car repairs aren't the only savings to be found at local technical schools. Bluegrass Community and Technical College offers reduced cost services to the public in a number of areas including dental hygiene and cosmetology.

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