Rain Causes Mudslides, Basement Flooding In Corbin

400 gallons of water was pumped from the basement of First Christian Church in downtown Corbin Monday.

“When you first came into the basement….6 to 8 inches of water. It went through the entire basement,” said church secretary Paula Rapier.

The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. But workers say there’s also a history of this happening before.

“We’re trying to work with the city utility commission to get it taken care of. All the rain was more than the system could take,” she said.

Rains created a long night for workers thanks to a mudslide. The mud landed just a few feet from from the rear of the Corbin Center for Technology.

A large crack is visible just up from the Tech Center….which shows a larger problem. But city officials say there’s no fear of a larger mudslide to come.

“I don’t see any danger. They will be bits of piece fall....like that happened last night, but I don’t think there’s any danger of it coming off,” said Corbin City Manager Bill Cannon.

City officials say the crack became noticeable when the road was built up to the new Corbin arena, but they say bids will be taken next Monday to fix the problem for good.

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