Pit Bull Attacks Family

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A family is back home from the hospital recovering after their 3-year-old pet, Rocky, an American Pit Bull, attacked them right inside their home.

The brutal attack left a trail of blood through their Jeffersonville home early Sunday morning when Rocky attacked four people, including 43-year old Carloetta Benton and her son, 25-year old Derrick.

Even after stabbing Rocky several times in the throat, he continued to attack and it wasn't until he was shot in the chest that his life and the mauling ended.

All four victims were treated and released from the hospital. Carloetta will lose part of her thumb and her son, Derrick, currently has 2500 stitches and will continue to undergo constructive surgery.

The Bentons say health officials are now testing Rocky's brain to see what may have caused this aggression. There is currently a police investigation into the incident because an officer had to fire his gun, which is standard procedure.

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