If You Make Long Distance Phone Calls The Government May Owe You Money

We are still a few months from tax time, but there's at least one tax break you may not know about.

If you have a cell phone, home phone, and call long distance the government may owe you money.

Millions of long distance customers may get the chance to get a some money because for years the government made you pay a federal excise tax.

Up until August of this year phone customers paid three percent of the charges on every single long distance phone call on .

The tax started in 1898 and just this year the IRS finally decided to stop collecting the tax.

Here's out it works:
You get $30 dollars if claim just yourself.
$40 for two dependents
$50 for three and $60 dollars for four or more exemptions.

If you would like to learn more about the telephone tax refund click on the link below.