911 Tapes Paint Frantic Picture Of Dog Attack

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Montgomery County Dispatch released the 911 tapes of a dog attack that left four people injured, two of them seriously.

It happened in Jefforsonville of Montgomery County Sunday.

The family members made numerous 911 calls-- which paint a frantic picture of a frightening scene.

A family member who wasn't in the home during the attack had to help first responders identify what was happening to his family.

Those inside the home were hysterical and could not give 911 dispatchers a clear idea of where they were or what was going on.

"My brother just called me crying. He said my pitbull is attacking them. He's bit everybody," said Jason Benton.

Benton described in detail to dispatchers the extent of his families injuries and what first responders should expect when they arrived on scene.

"They have to hurry. One person is trapped inside, two others, my mom's thumb was bitten off ... and it bit my brother in the face and arm ... his arm is almost gone," Benton said.

"Where is the dog now?" said a Montgomery County dispatcher.

"He's just sitting in the doorway full of blood," said Benton.

When police arrived, they shot the pitbull twice, killing it.

All four victims were treated and released from the hospital.

Carloetta Benton lost part of her thumb and her son, Derrick, currently has 2500 stitches and will continue to undergo constructive surgery for injuries to his face and arm.


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