Mother Takes Stand In Own Defense

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The trial of a couple accused of causing the death of an infant wrapped up Tuesday morning.

Samantha Monahan and Roy Rankin are charged in connection with the 2005 death of six-month-old Cecilia Alvarado.

Monahan took the stand in her own defense and told the court the injuries the girl suffered were just a series of accidents and misunderstandings.

She claims she only knew of three injuries her baby may have suffered: once when she fell off the bed and bruised her head, once when Monahan says she accidentally burned the girl's leg with a cigarette and once when the baby fell off the couch but didn't show any visible injuries.

Monahan broke down in tears when shown a picture of the little girl's burn marks from the cigarette.

Monahan testified that she lied to a doctor about the cigarette burn because she didn't want her child to be taken away from her.

Then, there was the last thing Roy Rankin may have said to Monahan before she left for work in August of 2005, the last time she would ever see her daughter.

Monahan says Rankin asked her which of her children she'd want taken first, if God were to ask her. She says she told him Cecilia.

Rankin declined the chance to testify on his own behalf.

Rankin is charged with murder and criminal abuse. Monahan is charged with criminal abuse.

Closing arguments are expected to take place on Wednesday morning.

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