Young Crash Victim Honored

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A Nicholas County teen, killed in a violent crash, was remembered by her friends and families on Tuesday.

A memorial was held Tuesday morning for Brittany Dawn Ruble at Nicholas County High School.

Ruble died in a head-on crash back in December on Kentucky 32 near Carlisle.

The driver of the car Ruble was in, 23-year-old Timothy Mitchell, was also killed.

A tree was planted at the high school in Ruble's honor, along with a memorial plaque honoring the girl.

"She was a very happy, outgoing person. She always lit up the room, no matter what," says Nicole Watkins, Brittany Ruble's best friend.

On Tuesday, Brittany Ruble's classmates helped plant a pink dogwood tree at the school. They say pink was Brittany's favorite color.

"We can look at it now and see Brittany with pink flowers that sparkle just like she did," says Polly Ruble, Brittany's sister.

"It means everything that the school and her friends and everybody has thought of her and remembered her and hopefully they always will," says Iva Evans, Brittany's grandmother.

"It's nice. I'm tickled and I know Brittany is too," says Cynthia Evans, Brittany's mother.

Brittany's family says they also remembered her this past weekend for the high school's prom.

"I made a big bow in the prom colors and her classmates had a pink corsage made and we took it and put it on her grave," says Iva Evans.

"We took a prom dress and hung it on her grave on Saturday, so she went to the prom," says Cynthia Evans.

Her family says they will also remember her on graduation day when Ruble's 3-year-old niece walks the line for her.

"She's gonna get her diploma and take it back to Brittany's mom," says Polly Ruble.

Brittany's mom is hoping this will help bring closure to this family.

"Once we get her graduated I can me more at ease with myself because she can rest," says Cynthia Evans.

Brittany's family says they are still raising money for a headstone for the young teen. They want to include pink in it, Brittany's favorite color.

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