H1N1 Virus Causes Problems For Pork Producers

The H1N1 virus, formerly known as swine flu, has already had a negative effect on the pork industry here in the bluegrass state.

Producers say some people are scared to eat pork, although the virus has nothing to do with hogs or eating them

The farmers who raise pigs are looking to set the record straight.

"Number one, it doesn't come from hogs, you can't catch it from hogs, and you can't catch it from eating hogs," said Mike Oversen with the Kentucky Pork Producers Association.

But despite that scientific evidence, lately, pork is not what's dinner.

Last year, the Kentucky Pork Producers Association brought to market 700,000 hogs in the state, but since H1N1 popped up, fewer little piggys are going to market.

"They're going to lose about 30 dollars per pig until we can get this thing squared away. We have farmers in Kentucky that ship 1000 pigs a week," Oversen said.

Pork farmers hope this fear of swine soon ceases, but in the meantime, they're just praying that an informed public will once again come to the table with the industry.

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