Gloves Come Off In CentrePointe Showdown

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Months after an entire city block was demolished to make way for a new high rise, the construction sight sits quiet.

However nearby at City Hall tonight, a different sight, as the developer of the CentrePointe project gets into a showdown with city leaders. The vice mayor even went so far as to say Lexington's been deceived.

The block of historic building between Main and Vine Streets and Upper and Limestone was torn down last year, but there's been little progress on the skyscraper planned for the area. Today developer Dudley Webb went before the Urban County Council to talk about the project and answer questions about the lot that is sitting empty.

In the past several weeks, long-time critic of the project and Vice Mayor Jim Gray has called for the lot to be filled and the sidewalks to be opened. Webb told to council that would not happen. Gray responded by accusing Webb of "hoodwinking" the city.

The two argued over what has been promised and what kind of progress has been made on CentrePointe.

Dudley Webb told the council construction will begin in six months at the earliest, but he promised them as well as the community that the construction site will not be an eyesore for the upcoming 2010 World Equestrian Games.

For now and gate and a sign sit on the empty site.

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