Jury Deliberates Fate Of Couple Charged In Connection To Infant's Death

A jury will soon deliberate the fate of a couple charged in connection to the death of a 6 month-old baby.

Wednesday morning, Roy Rankin's defense attorney gave closing arguments in the murder case against him. Samantha Monahan's attorney and prosecutors will present their cases Wednesday afternoon.

Police charged the couple in the death of Monahan's 6 month-old daughter Cecelia Alvarado.

Prosecutors say the two abused the infant and Rankin murdered her.

The jury had to hear closing arguments from the prosecution before starting deliberations.

Last week, Samantha Monahan told a Lexington jury each time little Cecilia Alvarado was hurt it was an accident. And as for what killed the infant back in 2005, Monahan says she's sure it wasn't her boyfriend who killed her.

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