Georgetown Fire Station Unveils "Green" Parking Lot

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Fire Station No. 3 in Georgetown, KY is the new home for an eco-friendly parking lot. Porous materials in the pavement absorb rainfall to reduce water runoff.

Normal pavement contains oil and other pollutants. When rain hits normal pavement, the water will run off to nearby streams and will take the pollutants with it.

Once water absorbs down into the "green" parking lot, underground storage units allow the water to slowly percolate into surrounding soil.

The project began 2 years ago and has been funded through a $465,000 dollar grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and the KY Division of Water.

Eric Larson, Georgetown City Engineer, says, "It's our intent to teach citizens and to show them that it's an opportunity to change how we can develop areas while minimizing environmental impact."

The grant will also go towards environmental workshops and other educational programs.

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