High Water Floods Roads, Parks In Whitley County

Rain has made Bill Rain's community park look more like a swamp.

“Like I said, man. It's just too much water for right now. We need the rain, but we don't need this much rain,” said Patrick Johns, who was fishing in a creek that now looks more like a lake.

The Cumberland River flows right through Williamsburg and it has jumped its banks....but thanks to a flood wall put in years ago...the town is protected...even if it rains a lot more. But most people would like to see the rain go away and come again another day.

“Last year it didn't rain at all...so I guess now it's our turn,” laughed resident Ronald Rains.

Constant rain has also flooded Briar Creek Park and closed some roads. Local residents say the water over Dal Rd. is 3 feet deep and is too dangerous to drive through.

“Ah...you get used to it. The way it rains... you know high it's going to get. It's not a big issue,” said Rains.

Whitley County's Emergency Mgt. director says the good news is that the floodwaters are not expected to damage homes or property.

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