Scam Targets People Searching For Jobs

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The Better Business Bureau says work at home scams are on the rise throughout Central Kentucky. The BBB warns anyone posting resumes online to beware of who you accept a job.

Becky Burch says she posted her job and accepted a job from company based in London, England. Burch was hired as a payment representative.

"I was suppose to get money orders, travelers check some form of payment... take it to my bank and cash it. I was to deduct 10 percent and western union the rest back," said Burch.

Burch says she received $3,000 in checks but later found out they were fake.

"it's one of many scams that's going on out there involving real looking but bogus cashiers checks," said Heather Clary with the BBB.

Clary says many who cash them are being prosecuted and forced the pay the money back.