Arizona Boasts "Greenest" House

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The future owner of a home being built in Scottsdale, Arizona are very eco-friendly and have made their future house "green" from top to bottom.

Inside of the house contains windows lined with a film that maximizes light coming in. The particular light bulbs used inside the house use a quarter of the power of a regular bulb and also lasts 10 times longer.

The kitchen is also full of eco-friendly items. The cabinets are formaldehyde-free because formaldehyde's a toxin.

Builders also installed a dual-flush system in the shower to where any water that goes down the sink or drain can be recycled and used to water the plants outside.

The "green" improvement also extend to the rooftop where solar panels are responsible for heating the water and for delivering electricity.

Mark Bolte, Hillis Bolte Co-Owner, says, "The panels will save the future owners between 35%-50% on their energy bills."

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