Neighbors Mourn Couple Killed In Lincoln Crash

It was a tragic scene that possibly wouldn't have happened...had a mix up in bus tickets not occurred for Michigan native Wanda Nance.

“She was planning on going back last weekend for her daughter's 13th birthday...but they messed the tickets up. So she stayed this week,” said Junior Perry, the couple’s neighbor.

Nance and her boyfriend Greg Hager were headed down Hall's Gap Hill when police say Nance's Pontiac hydro-planed and slid into the path of a truck driven by Linda Ruckel. Nance and Hager, who had only lived in Stanford for a year, were killed. The loss has hit their neighbors hard.

“Just how fast somebody can go. He just left here and he was gone. It's just really sad,” said Brenda McFerron.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation and police say they are waiting on toxicology tests before the case is closed. Hall's Gap has been the scene of deadly accidents before.

“Very dangerous hill. Every time I leave this house..My mom careful on that hill,” said McFerron.

“Anytime you go down that hill. I'm up and down it every day. You hit that spot, it will pull you the center lane,” said Perry of what he believes is a dangerous dip in the road.

The funeral for Nance will be held in Michigan. Arrangements for Hager are being handled by Fox Funeral Home in Stanford.

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