Family Wants Road Changes After Father's Death

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In March, 75-year-old Ralph Back was cleaning up trash just feet from his home along Highway 460 in Jeffersonville, when he was struck and killed. His daughter is now fighting for change along the busy road to prevent something like this from happening again.

Back's daughter, Ramona, is now asking for change from the state, who rebuilt Highway 460 near the Backs' home just last year.

With a 55 mile per hour speed limit right in front of their home, the family wants more speed traps and traffic lights to curb speedy drivers.

The other concern Ramona Back has is the sidewalk ends right before reaching her home, another issue she hopes to bring up with the state.

Through the changes won't bring back Ralph, his family wants to keep others from feeling their loss.

The Kentucky Department of Transportation says the road project near the Backs' home is complete, and it does not qualify for lights at this time. DOT representatives say a traffic study would have to be done before any changes could be made.

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