GM Dealership Doubts

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Troubled automotive giant General Motors recently announced it will close 2600 of its dealerships nationwide as part of a government ordered restructuring.

That's created a nervous waiting game at many Kentucky GM dealerships, but the owner of a Clark County car outlet simply refuses to worry. Mike Wilson Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC is not one of the many Bluegrass GM dealers playing the waiting game.

Wilson says he's proud of his customer satisfaction record. He intends to be supportive of other dealers and of GM and won't lose any sleep over what the outcome might be. The grandfather of five says, "we've strived to do the right thing for the last 15 years in this business, and based on my faith in God, I think with that record, General Motors will be wanting us to be here and representing them."

You might think small town dealerships like his in Winchester would be in greater jeopardy than larger ones in big cities, but Wilson doesn't see it that way. "My overhead, percentage wise, is probably the same as it is at a major dealership in Lexington or Louisville or anywhere else so as long as I keep my overhead in place, my profitability stays in tact anyway. We don't need to be selfish about any of this, and hopefully that attitude transfers over to our customers and the ones that have been doing business with us will just keep coming back."

Adam Overman was in a near fatal accident 2 years ago and said if he recovered enough to drive again, the one thing he wanted was a brand new Camaro, and Thursday afternoon, Mike Wilson handed him the keys to his dream car. Wilson says, "it actually brought tears to my eyes not because we were selling an automobile but the sheer fact that he was able to focus on getting better and eventually having what his dreams were."

Mike Wilson is hoping his dealership can make a similar recovery as the slumping economy gradually improves. His business was down 52 per cent from this time last year.

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