Former Pepsi Employee 8.7 Million Still Missing

8.7 million over eleven years, and now the man who took the millions remains on the run.
47-year-old James T. Hammes has been missing since a criminal complaint was filed against him in February. He's charged with 75 counts of wire fraud and money laundering.
The 75 count indictment says Hammes ran the accounts payable at the Lexington branch of G&J Pepsi Cola Bottlers. Officials say he set up a fake account in the name of a business that did business with the bottler.
The indictment says he wrote the checks with amounts anywhere from nine to $200,000. Once the checks cleared, Hammes would transfer the money into his personal account.
Hammes hasn't been seen since February. His home, along with money are some of the things officials say will be taken from Hammes.