Two Killed As Storms Hit Madison County

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Dozens of homes in the Adams Place subdivision in Kirksville were all but destroyed by Friday's afternoon storms. Severe thunderstorms moved through the region at about 5:00 Friday evening carrying with them heavy rains and high winds.

Damage in the subdivision was sporadic with some homes appearing to have minimal damage while others were missing roofs and parts of the entire upper story.

An RV actually flipped over and fell onto two cars before resting against a home. A woman and her child were reportedly in the RV when the storm struck but neighbors say they are okay.

In the aftermath of the storm, neighbors went door-to-door to make sure everyone was okay. They also began cleaning up and boarding up their homes.

Two deaths were reported in the Kirksville community as a result of the storm.

An emergency shelter has been set up at Kirksville Elementary School to assist those who were displaced by the storm.

National Guard troops are expected to move into the area over the weekend to assist storm victims.

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