Tornado Cleanup Continues In Madison County

After strong storms killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes in Central Kentucky, the big cleanup is underway.

Governor Steve Beshear is planning to tour the devastated regions early this week.

Fourteen Kentucky counties are in states of emergency.

A tornado devastated an entire neighborhood in Kirksville, where everyone there is just trying to get back on their feet.

"It was so loud, I've never been so scared in my life," said Kyle Stinson.

Stinson hadn't been home for more than 20 minutes when the tornado hit his Kirksville home.

"I immediately dropped everything and ran to the basement," Stinson said.

A UK sophomore, Stinson, was moving back home for the summer.

"It's definitely not the way I wanted to start my summer vacation...I'm very lucky, it could have been the end for me," he went on to say.

His home has extensive damage. Most of the family's belongings were sucked out of the home and found littered all over the neighborhood.

"We found our couch about 500 feet away in a deep ravine. It was brand new," said Jill Stinson.

The Stinson family has unfortunately been down this path before.

In June of last year, their home was destroyed by fire and they were just beginning to call their new place home.

"It's tough, but we've been through this before, so we will do it again," Jill said.

At this point, like many families in that neighborhood, the Stinsons are staying in a hotel until they find more permanent living arrangements.

"We are planning to rebuild here. We are just thankful nobody was other families near us lost loved ones," said Jill.

Madison County estimates the cleanup will take several weeks and could cost the county nearly $300,000.

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