Man Arrested For Stealing Woman's Purse at Gunpoint

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"That's scary. That's a scary thing," said Lee Nunn.

Nunn has lived on East Second Street for two year, but says he has never heard of a robbery like the one that took place Tuesday morning.

A woman showed up for work and when she got out of her car a man came at her. He had a gun and stole her purse then ran away. The victim worked at Auto Tech Service. Employees there say they don't think it's violent neighborhood, but declined to talk to us on camera.

We talked to others who live in the neighborhood who say they believe things are getting worse.

"There's always sirens. There's always something going on," said Heather Kalash.

Lexington Police arrested Cory Jackson in the purse snatching after the victim identified him in a lineup. Jackson is charged with robbery. Meanwhile some neighbors say things are getting so bad they aren't sure it's worth it.

"I think it's a pretty rough area," Kalash said.

"It makes me possibly want to move," Nunn said.