Flood Water Traps Residents Again

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Dozens of people are still trapped in their homes by flood water.

Confluence lies upstream of Buckhorn Dam, and when flood gates close, water backs up and floods the area.

It is nothing new to people there, but one family is experiencing the problem for the first time.

Flood water from the middle fork of the river is keeping people in Confluence along Buckhorn Lake trapped in their homes - some for the last 3 to 4 days. It's kept many from school, work and even doctor's appointments.

Lynn Barrett is making his first pick-up of the morning.

Meanwhile, Emergency Management Director James Couch is keeping a close eye on the rain, and the flood gates at Buckhorn Dam. He fears things could get worse before they get better.

"Really a safety hazard for a lot of reasons. If we do EMS runs or anything like that we have to do it by boat and it just really causes a problem for the people here in this area," said Couch.

The Begley family moved to Confluence more than a year ago.

"I guess when they was looking at real estate they overlooked this," said Robert Begley.

The Begleys haven't left home in days and just got power back Sunday. Now, they are crossing the flood water to get to Highway 257.

"My dad needed to go to the doctor today, but we have to use the vehicle to go to work on. It's just crazy man. They didn't even tell us they were going to do this. Could have given us a warning or something," said Randy Begley.

And right now, at least 25 other homes are in the same boat.

Fiscal court employee Lynn Barrett and Couch say they've had to do this for people in Confluence for the last eight to ten years.

Emergency management officials say right now the flooding situation there is moderate.

Anyone that's trapped by flood water in Leslie County is asked to call 911 for an emergency or 606-672-3444 if they need help getting out.

Officials say drinking water is also on the way.

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