Tornado's Path of Destruction Started In Garrard County

It lasted only seconds but it won't be soon forgotten.

“It's going to be with us the rest of our life,” said Kathy Johnson, who lives in the Nina Ridge community of Garrard County.

Kathy Johnson's home is not destroyed but it's not livable.

“We cannot stay here. It literally lifted up the living room roof, smacked it back down,” Johnson said.

Johnson and her 3 children escaped their living room a split second before glass and debris came raining down on them. The kids went back to school Monday but their nerves were still rattled.

“My youngest is real shaky. When it starts raining, he thinks a tornado is coming,” said Johnson.

Many roofs will have to be replaced and barns rebuilt. Curt Amon will have to find a new chimney and probably build a new deck, but his roof suffered the least damage compared to his neighbors.

“I told my wife, I'm ashamed to call my insurance man, because my neighbors are tore all to pieces. We don't have hardly any damage,” said Amon.

The cleanup may take days or even weeks.

“We do but we're alive. That's what I keep thanking God for everyday. He kept us safe,” said Johnson.

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