Magoffin County Flood Victims Want Permanent Solution

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Cleanup is far from over in Magoffin County, where officials are still trying to count the number of homes damaged.
Many people in Royalton tell us they need more than cleanup help to save their neighborhoods.

People in Royalton say their county's rivers and streams overflow too easily. They compare this flood to one five years ago that damaged many of the same homes.

Betty Dotson says, "It's sad because it happens every time the river gets up."

Sherry Watson says, "We're getting older, we're not physically able to clean up after this stuff, the houses are getting worse because of the water damage to them, and we have no where to go."

Many tell us they are too old or do not have enough money to move. They want to see the county's waterways widened and dredged, saying it's the only way to prevent living their nightmare all over again.

Watson says, "And if they can't do that why don't they buy us all out? This is a low area now, it's a flood zone area, and if they're not going to do anything to the rivers, buy us out, let us get out of here."

The judge executive says widening projects will cost a lot of time and money, but he agrees the county needs it. He says he's trying to find out what the county will need from the state and federal government to make it happen.

Officials in Magoffin County are also urging homeowners to take pictures of damage and keep receipts for anything clean-up related.
The more documentation you have, the better your chances of receiving government assistance.

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