Kentucky's Next Stimulus Project In Alabama?

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An Alabama mayor is outraged after a Paris Kentucky business wins a multi-million dollar construction job in Attalla Alabama.

Federal stimulus money is making road improvements in Alabama a reality but some people say Kentucky is reaping the benefits.

Hinkle Contractors is based in Paris Kentucky and recently was the lowest bidder and therefore awarded a concrete highway re-paving project.

The estimated cost of the project is 69 million dollars. Hinkle won the project with a bid of 38 million dollars. Something that doesn't sit right with Jane Phillips, the mayor of Attalla Alabama.

Phillips says, "Stimulus money allotted for Alabama should be given to Alabama companies."

Scott Adams of Hinkle Contracting says he's not making any apologies for winning the bid, saying he the lowest of four other bidders all vying for the job. He says if it wasn't his company that won, the other three were also from out of state.

He adds that while some of the workers will make the six hour trip to Attalla from Paris, most of the employees working on the job will be subcontractors likely from Alabama.

Phillips is not satisfying with only some saying the bidding should have never been an option to out of state competitors. She's urging people in Alabama to pass a law limiting those bidding on stimulus projects to be in-state companies only.

Adams says the mayor needs to realize these projects benefit everyone including Attalla Alabama.

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