Madison Co. EMS Workers Save Woman after Tornado

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Two Madison County EMS workers found themselves in the middle of the tornado on Friday as they were transporting a patient to Danville.

Matt Graden and Nate Wyatt were transporting a patient to Danville on Friday when they came upon a situation they hadn't dealt with before.

The two found themselves in the middle of a tornado as it hit the Kirksville community.

While homes, cars, and barns were damaged, their vehicle remained one of the ones that was untouched.

Immediately the two called for help and began helping those that needed it. That included Katrina McKee. McKee was in her mobile home with five other people when the tornado sent it into a nearby pond. McKee's boyfriend, 35-year-old Shawn Michael Yarber, and friend Glenda Charbonnel, age 46, were killed in the incident.

McKee, her two children Trevor and Travis, and another man visiting the residence survived.

"My niece went into the pond. There was an ambulance that happened to be doing a transfer to Danville and had stopped because the storm and saw it happen and saw my niece go under and were able to hold her head up until they could get her free from the debris and out of the pond", says Leanord Tudor, McKee's uncle.

"Once we found her we realized the severity of situation. We were able to keep her head out of the water which is all we could do at the time", says Matt Graden, one of the EMS workers.

"We called for help but it was an eerie feeling when nobody could get to you.", says Nate Wyatt, the other EMS worker caught in the tornado.

"Seeing what happened 360 degrees around us, I have no idea why we were as well-off as we were, if not to be around to help others", says Matt Graden.

"Extremely lucky!", says Nate Wyatt.

Katrina McKee's family tells us she is in serious condition and is paralyzed from the chest down. They say she had some cuts to her head and had two collapsed lungs.

As for her two sons, they were listed in good condition at UK hospital. The other man in the trailer made it out uninjured.

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