Looters, Scammers Prey On Tornado Victims

Viewer Picture From Kirksville
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First, deadly storms ripped through Madison County now, scam artists and looters are trying to add insult to injury.

Two people died in Madison County as an EF-3 tornado destroyed dozens of homes, stables, and vehicles Friday night.

Now sheriff deputies are stepping up patrols because looters are going thru the damaged homes and scam artists are trying to rip off storm victims.

The national guard has also set-up check points in the hardest hit areas, and are making sure people who don't belong in the area---can't get in.

If found on private property without permission you can be arrested on the spot.

There have been several reported thefts in the Kirksville community. Some of the looters have targeted families who barely have anything left.

Items of most interest are copper wiring, scrap metal, antiques and family heirlooms inside the damaged and destroyed homes.

The Kentucky Attorney General's Office is also warning storm victim's of possible scams involving home repairs or debris clean-up.

If someone comes to your door, make sure they are reputable and if they don't give you their name---tell them to move on.

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