Animal Shelter Hit By Mudslide

The Pike County Animal shelter was hit by a mudslide that has left more than 100 animals without a home.

One worker said it sounded like thunder when falling rock and mud crashed into the Pike County Animal Shelter. No animals were hurt, but about one hundred pets are without a home.

Water still flows through much of the animal shelter. The muddy mess toppled one building and nears the roof on another. "It's so unstable that they don't know if it's going to be able to be used again. There still might be more coming off that mountain," says Bonita Rose, secretary of the Pike County Humane Society.

Over the weekend, dozens of families offered to take in the 100 dogs and cats until the shelter is up and running again. But some people are already returning the pets, who must find somewhere to stay, and fast.

"For now the shelter is empty. We have no place to put incoming dogs and we can't take the ones that we have on loan or in fosters, we can't take them back," says Jane Sykes, Vice President for the Humane Society.

"We need something now. people have problems every day in this county related to animals and the shelter was their recourse. And now we don't even have that," says Rose.

Lost in the slide was the storage building. "We've got animals in foster, we've lost all of our food, so I'm sure those folks are going to need help with food. We can use cat litter, cat food, dog food, collars, leashes, cleaning supplies for the animals, stuff to bathe them in," says Sykes.

Rose and Sykes say they are waiting to hear if they can return to the building, but say they don't know what to do if they are forced to leave.

"Right now everything's just a dead stand still," says Rose.

Bonita Rose says mine officials inspected the area to see if recent coal mining played a part in this mud slide. No word yet on the results. The Pike County Humane Society has plans for a new animal shelter, but say it could be next year before the facility is finished, and until then, a temporary home is needed.

To donate or help:

Phone: 606-437-7992

Pike County Humane Society
130 Chestnut Drive
Pikeville, KY

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