Police: Stabbing Suspect Hid Out In Woman's Home

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Police say he laid in wait. A man hid out in a house, waiting for his ex-girlfriend, before emerging early the next morning stabbing her and a friend.

It happened Sunday morning at a home on Forest Park Drive in Lexington.

Police say David Erwin broke into the house and waited for his ex-girlfriend to return.

Police say Erwin stabbed his ex-girlfriend, along with another man, several times. Both suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital.

By the time police arrived at the home Erwin was gone. Police alerted other departments about the crime.

Nicholasville Police arrested Erwin in Jessamine County, but he needed to be taken to the hospital for medial treatment although they wouldn't say exactly why he needed medical treatment in the first place.

Police will arrest Erwin when he recovers.

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