Swept Away Wedding Picture Reunited With Owner

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A wedding picture hanging inside a Madison county home was blown nearly forty miles by Friday's EF3 tornado.

Linda Stamper found the 1972 picture in her yard in Powell county. She contacted 27NEWSFIRST and after airing the story Monday night, Margie Tussey's family recognized it.

Tuesday, Stamper drove nearly an hour to deliver the picture to Margie.
"Oh, thank you, thank you so much," said Tussey, hugging Stamper.
"I can't believe I found it so far away, " said Stamper.

The picture was in great shape after having traveled nearly forty miles inside the tornado that had winds from 130-140 mph.

Margie Tussey said getting the picture back has eased the pain of losing her home, a home she built with her husband Ronnie in 1978.
Stamper said she opened a fortune cookie at work on Monday that said something good will happen to you that will make you happy. She says it has.

The Tussey's tell 27 NEWSFIRST that since Friday different people have brought back pieces of their property every day. They say they are hoping someone finds their missing cat soon.

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