Volunteers Help Storm Victims

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Volunteers from around the state are stepping in to help the recent tornado victims during this tough time.

Charlotte Neeley has been busy since Friday evening. That's when her home was hit by a tornado in Kirksville.

Just hours after, Neeley says people immediately stepped into help.

One of those helping is Pastor Ronnie Pennington of Kirksville Baptist Church who's talking with those hit hard, and building teams to help them in any way they can.

He's not the only one who is helping. People have been serving food, handing out water, and cutting up trees for those that need help.

Whether it be someone they know or even a total stranger, they're just the volunteers are just there to offer a helping hand during this hard time.

Crews from Mississippi that were already in the area helping out at Kirksville Baptist Church before the tornado hit have also been helping clean up the storm damage in the area.

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